A brief update on where I have been and what is going on.

Hello world!  Petsmart stopped it’s relationship with Vixxo and, as a result, I was told that I was could either move to a different project or be laid off. I decided that I would accept the lay off and allow myself to move in new directions.  Since then I have interviewed with companies which have cultures which more closely represent me for jobs which use more of my native genius.

That has been good, so far.  I have done a couple of one-off jobs setting up marketing campaigns in Infusionsoft, found a place to get free SalesForce certification and support for vets, and made a lot of networking choices.

The time since I have been laid off has been interesting from a personal perspective as well.  Jenny and I started working through The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, a method of minimization and organization.  That has lead to MANY trips to the Goodwill, Bookmans, and numerous friends who want items we are discarding, and there is still a ton to do.


Additionally I have been reading through Getting Things Done, an approach to, well, getting things done, that I think will work well for me.


Until next time!