Head First Android by David Griffiths

I recently read Head First Android by David Griffiths. This book was a decent, very high level introduction to Android application development. It will give you all of the tools you need to build a basic application which can interact with other applications, has a pull out menu with multiple pages delivered in varied fragments using a SQLite db to power the options. It does get into using device services briefly as well as Material Design.

It does require some knowledge of Java, although my rusty skills more than sufficed. While I now have a great basic introduction to application development, I have not learned the skills to do the sorts of things that I would like. (Ideally something like a match three game.) I may or may not continue reading more into Android, however that may need to wait for a couple of weeks/months.

New JLMarks.org

Hello folks!  I am unsure if anyone will read this, but if you do welcome to this ol blog. I am removing the old jlmarks.org because try as I might, I never could string a series of coherent sentences together.

To be honest with you, the ideal end goal of me having a blog and posting to it is to be worth more when it comes time to move to my second programming job. My first one will hopefully start before there is much here.