Some basic Flask Application set-up

This is a brief (always calling three page things brief makes me wonder if I understand the word sometimes.) overview of where things are with the todoList application.


Having served Flask on AWS before I kind of knew what I was in for. That said, I was able to successfully follow these brief instructions for serving Flask on AWS in about five minutes. Currently I have Apache serving a super basic flask “Hello World” application.

In that same folder, though, I have a git repo of the todolist application. I figure that this is a simple process, but occasionally miss the FTP plugin for Sublime Text. I have made a couple of modifications to the imports due to lack of thinking on my part – I generally always test stuff in DreamPie and didn’t think that the path was different with different scopes. Got that sorted out, thankfully.

I installed the flask-script and flask-bootstrap modules – basically because I like the interactive prompt for the application that flask-script provides, and I like things pretty and am lazy so I am going to use bootstrap.

Finally, since I am building this webapp from scratch, I wanted to make sure that I have the suggested package pattern. To help do this I have been rereading the flask documentation on packages. I am not sure yet, but I think that the actual flask application is going to basically just be an interface, so it should live within the interface. Not totally sure yet, but I am working on it.

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