The joys of screen, let me count the ways.

Look, it is silly to have to ssh in just for a new view into a computer you’re already connected to. Enter the app “screen”. It gives you the ability to have views into the computer, and detach and attach these views at your convenience. Let’s say that you want to start a process which freezes your terminal, but you also want to curl the served content. You can start the process, disconnect from that running screen, connect to a new, virgin, view of the computer, and curl from the new screen. After you are done, you can reconnect to the first screen, stop the process, make changes, and then start it all over again.

That is a very brief, very high level overview of screen. If you have not heard of it, I strongly suggest doing some research of your own as it is super handy for anyone who works on remote machines. You can find a pretty good guide of how to work it here. In the future, if that link is gone: I generally find good articles by looking for irissi and screen. One common task is using it as a connection to your irc account, so there are many good guides on how to work them together.

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