And onto the web we go.

While the application is tiny I figure that this is the best time to tie everything to the web application. I am going to use Flask hosted on an AWS account for the time being.

I will use an AWS account because it should be really inexpensive (Free for the first year for new accounts, last I checked.) and it allows me to have a virtual machine. I could write it on my home server, however that is no longer serving externally. Plus, if I want to play with the elastic beanstalk later on I already will have an account in place.

I will use Flask because of it’s amazing templating system and easily creatable API endpoints. I have a great book that I lent out, but thankfully I have the Kindle version of it as well. I think that the paperback version is easier to use than a Kindle and briefly considered buying a new one, but then I remembered the Kindle app for Android. Viola!  Saved $40 and I don’t have to try to read a programming book on a Kindle.


The application will most likely support users in the future, as well as some sort of user security, but for now getting the application up will be the main goal. Tonight is prepping Amazon and a rehash of Flask.


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