18 commits today but at a quick stop to refresh.

Since I last updated you I have created the basic ability to add a todo item to the todo list and I have written a method to get the todo items out of the database. I went and checked the bobby tables information to make sure that I wouldn’t enable SQL injection before writing the insert statement, and set some defaults to deny attackers entrance through the queries parameters. (Basically I was afraid that someone may try and inject something that ends the LIMIT part and starts a new malicious statement.)

I then created the basic infrastructure needed for the todo list application. A super basic text based interface (It doesn’t loop yet, but it will format and display the todo list items)

I started to create the second version of the database, but I realized I should probably reread Pep 8 – the Python Styling Guide – before I do any more work on the project. I am frankly unsure of naming conventions so have camelcase and underscores everywhere right now.

That’ll likely be another post.

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