First Github sync

First sync of five commits.  I basically create a database. Yeah, it is not a lot, but it is something.

Originally I had set the goal to make commits with as few lines of change as possible. When I set that goal, I was literally thinking that I would create a commit for every couple of lines that the project grew.

ROFLMAO.  I have a lot more than a 10 lines of stuff for those five commits. My last commit was a 60 line file where I finally added the first code to the repo. The first third of that, though, is comments. And they are interspersed through the rest of the code. Basically it is not a lot of code, but there is a lot of stuff.

A quick walkthrough:

  • README – you know it, you love it. Talks about what the goal is and some general commit guidelines for myself.
  • LICENSE – MIT, of course.  I mean I like writing stuff for me, but I would rather be able to have other people have access to something if it can help them. I want anyone to use this software for anything they can, hopefully not evil.
  • .gitignore – With this recent change to using sqlite the change that I made may be unnecessary.
  • db – FOLDER
    • __init__ the file that lets the interpreter know that this is a module. (It can also be used for other useful things. For instance we may try and get it to automate db loading when importing the db module.  We will see.
    • the file which will house most of the methods to interact with the database.

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