Restarting my todo app.

I have attempted several times in the past to figure out a todo application that I would want to use, everything from the database in the backend to the API to the web client to the mobile client to everything.

I am officially restarting this quest. Everything from planning to implementation, to update and maintenance I am going to try and write something about.

Once I decided to restart this endeavor with my bigger-than-last time skillset I decided to start at the very beginning: Planning the object UML (I think it’s UML. Basically I am planning the values and methods that will make it up) I have not gotten very far as I am currently debating on trying to make the todo list itself a parent item to every item on it, or if they should not share inheritance. I think I will not have them share inheritance, rather the todo list will be full of methods for planning, moving, and fitting the actual todo items and sub items. (Maybe with projects, that seems like a should have too.)

As you can see, I still have a lot of planning to do, so I am going to get to it and will update you again within a week!

Edited to add: Some things that I forgot to mention in the first post. I am going to start by using a mysql database, as that is what I have access to on my hosting provider. The book that I read, Head First Android, touched on creating adapters. I am pretty sure that I can get the adapter written, assuming (and I have to imagine) mysql is supported on Android. If not, I may do something with just API calls and an Android client, microservices style.

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